philosophy & affair

But now you find also many philosophers within other countries especially the United States. They concern with the relationship between people which should lead to peace and freedom.But also the relationship between married partners is a broad field of analysis. For more and more there is not an economical necessity to live together as long as marriage partners live. The economical independence of a woman is no longer an unusual case, and so women are able to follow their own interests. They do not depend on payments from their husband any more. And so they feel free to have a Seitensprung.

On the other hand men had always the opportunities for a Seitensprung. There are many stories in old and new books which tell you about this behavior.

But what is the reason for this? The philosophy tries to find the causes for such a behavior, it may be a man or a woman. So Philosophie und Seitensprung are an area of science especially in the United States. The United States are a country which praises freedom – and so it is only obvious that men and women also apply this to their own and personal live.

Philosopie und Seitensprung – can this science find an explanation why people so often do not want to live monogam any more? Sometimes you can have the impression that it depends on the personal surroundings of a philospoher if he pleads for the one or the other form of living together.

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