philosophy & flowers

The words are really a couple, Philosophie und Blumen. Blumen – a German word which means flowers in English. „Sagen Sie es mit Blumen!“ This is in German the invitation to enjoy people with flowers. Red roses are a sign of love, forget-me-not is a more discreet advice to seek for a friendship especially on Valentine's Day. But there are much more occasions to take flowers as a welcome gift for somebody. Birthdays, honeymoons and funerals, joyful and cheerless occasions are close together and all these occasions are opportunities to say it by flowers.

And the philosophy behind it? Philosophie und Blumen means that flowers at all opportunities will lead to a friendly contact between people. Flowers enjoy people and so there is no room for hostility and distrust. A good atmosphere is a good base for friendship and will avoid enviousness and hate.

And if this meaning of a bunch of flowers is understood all over the world flowers can be sent also to all people around the world. Yes, you are right, not the flowers will be sent. This is just the greeting card which is sent and together with it comes the order to a local florist to bring the flowers to the addressee. This system works very effectively. For more than a hundred years now you can send flowers if you are not able to bring the flowers yourself.

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